About the NCRI

The National Council of Registered ISAOs (NCRI) is a member-driven organization that was formed to act on behalf of organizations within the information sharing ecosystem. The NCRI, formed in August 2018, was created to be a leading voice in the information sharing ecosystem and to represent its members at local, state and federal levels of government. The NCRI acts as a voice to:

  • Enact laws, regulations and policies that support the protection of ISAOs from litigation
  • Allocate government resources to protect private and public organizations from nation states and criminal enterprises
  • Promote the establishment of a national supply chain intelligence center

As the organization grows, the board of directors, advisory board and special committees will be determined and elected into position by members of the NCRI. Memberships will be open to ISAOs meeting registration requirements, as determined by the NCRI advisory board.