NCRI Hosts First Public Meeting

The National Council of Registered ISAOs (NCRI), a member-driven organization, held its first meeting on day one of the Second Annual International Information Sharing Conference (IISC) in Tysons Corner, Virginia, on September 11, 2018.

“The NCRI represents and provides a collective voice at the national, state and community level,” said Matt Gardner, interim chairman of the NCRI. “The International Information Sharing Conference created a great opportunity for the NCRI to facilitate cross-sector collaboration among the information sharing community with our first meeting. We are encouraged by the interest of the information sharing ecosystem in our organization and look forward to helping create a more connected, informed and empowered cyber resilient Nation.”

The NCRI meeting was open to the general public and provided history on why the NCRI has been formed, as well as provided a platform to introduce the interim-advisory board and foundational members of the NCRI.

The NCRI interim advisory board members include:

  • Carl Anderson, chief legal officer and senior vice president at HITRUST.
  • Matt Gardner, interim chairman of the NCRI. He is the CEO of the California Technology Council, and co-founder of the California Cybersecurity Information Sharing Organization (CalCISO).
  • Frank Grimmelman, president and CEO/intelligence liaison officer for the Arizona Cyber Threat Response Alliance (ACTRA).
  • Dale Nordenberg, MD, executive director of the Medical Device Innovation, Safety & Security Consortium.
  • Nick Sturgeon, a senior with EY.

The meeting also discussed the NCRI Charter and its long-term goals and objectives to help direct the organization’s strategic priorities, among other topics.

NCRI goals include, but are not limited to, their focus on building trust between ISAOs and government organizations, and between U.S. ISAOs and the international community; bringing together cross-sector information sharing organizations to facilitate the sharing of cyber threat indicators through partnerships and collaboration; and for members to meet annually in conjunction with the IISC.

“The NCRI is a professional organization created to be a leading voice in the information sharing ecosystem, representing its members at international, federal and state levels,” said Dr. Greg White, executive director of the ISAO Standards Organization (ISAO SO). “While the NCRI was developed in response to positive feedback from the information sharing ecosystem as part of a survey developed by the ISAO SO, the NCRI’s future goals and initiatives will be determined by its members, independent of the ISAO SO, and will work with other leading organizations in the information sharing ecosystem to enhance the Nation’s cybersecurity posture.”

Membership is open to ISAOs meeting registration requirements, as determined by the NCRI advisory board.


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