Member Driven

The National Council of Registered ISAOs (NCRI) is a member-driven organization that functions, not only as a forum for the information sharing ecosystem, but a platform representing the unified voice of our members. This platform also helps the NCRI to create and implement effective practices and to deal effectively with government relationships and regulatory issues.

Member Focused

A collective voice at the local, state and national level, the NCRI is focused on building trust between information sharing and analysis organizations (ISAOs) and government organizations, and between U.S. ISAOs and the international community. Additionally, the NCRI brings together cross-sector ISAOs to facilitate the sharing of cyber threat indicators and implementation of best practices through partnerships and collaboration.

The NCRI . . .

  • Serves as a best practice forum for ISAOs
  • Assists in accelerating an ISAOs capabilities through training and peer mentorship
  • Enables group purchasing discounts for office products, shipping services, threat intelligence and hotel discounts
  • Enhances cross-sector information sharing
  • Works with members on input into documents developed by the ISAO Standards Organization